Food in Porto: 5 of the best dishes to help you eat like a local

Food in Porto: 5 must eat dishes to help you eat like a local - and where to eat them

A Weekend In… Bergen & The Fjords

After having an incredible time exploring Patagonia - I’d had this un-moveable urge to get myself over to the Norwegian Fjords for some hiking & camping. I decided to book some extremely impromptu return flights from London to Bergen. I didn’t have any sort of clue what to expect, had done very little research, but... Continue Reading →

The 5 types of backpacker you meet in every hostel

Remember that feeling of setting foot into a new hostel for the very first time? Arriving from your previous makeshift home, backpack feeling increasingly heavy, walking through those doors and getting yourself checked in. You wobble up to the counter at reception, have a quick look around and make a very quick assessment of your new surroundings, including... Continue Reading →

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