How to not be a boring, Dry, Vegan in January

A couple of months ago – long before heading into the booze-fuelled black hole that is the Christmas in London – I decided that in a thinly veiled attempt at some sort of balance, I would actually give Veganuary a punt in the New Year. Not one to do things by halves, coupled with the fact that I can’t remember the last time I went longer than a few days without alcohol, I thought I might as well throw Dry Jan into the mix too.

I first became interested in Veganism after watching the Netflix doc ‘Cowspiracy’, which I found both equally fascinating and uncomfortable. Working directly with the charity and their ambassadors on Funzing’s upcoming Veganuary partnership, I’ve also gone on to learn a fair bit over the last few months. That and Facebook keeps incessantly firing related articles at me on a daily basis due to my search history. I know your game, Zuckerberg.

I’ve been mostly veggie during the week for a while now, but the thought of losing cheese in particular fills me with an existential dread. It’s going to be tough – especially without booze too – but I do like a challenge, apparently.

With January looming large like a big, miserable grey cloud of boredom, I thought rather than wallow in self pity I would try to fill my month with as many interesting activities as humanly possible; in a vein attempt to keep me sane. All of these would have 2 x simple things in common:

  1. All non-booze related
  2. All things that, at the ripe old age of 32, I had never really tried before

I decided to farm this out to Facebook and Twitter, to see what sort of suggestions I got from my social network of pals. Expecting mostly lolz comments and general nonsense, I was surprised to get a few decent suggestions (aww you guys) – such as Indoor Rock Climbing, Mi Chii (whatever that is?), and going to a Free Comedy Night (disclaimer: I’ve seen comedy before, just not for free, or sober). After adding a few of my own into the mix, I came up with a bit of a hit list.

image1 (1)

Now there’s no way I’m going to get through the entire list I doubt, because well, life innit? But I’m determined to have a good crack at as much of it as possible. If nothing else, it should in theory keep me out of trouble and occupied long enough to not be distracted by beer or burgers. I’m also trying to rope pals into doing some of them with me, any volunteers are welcome with open, slightly aprehensious arms.

To potentially try and help other fellow Dry or Vegan January-ers, I’ve also decided to setup a FB page called TRY January; which will be full of ideas & posts to help give people a nudge. It’s also a pretty decent place for me to update my probable failings and misjudgements.

The MMA class seems a bit of a stretch at this point, if you’ve ever met me you’ll probably know that I couldn’t fight my way out of a paper bag. I really hope there’s plenty of nice, soft crash mats at the Rock Climbing centre too. I’m expecting a few minor adjustments to the plan, but you get the drift.

Here’s to broken bones, saving some animals, and a healthy-ish liver.

6 thoughts on “How to not be a boring, Dry, Vegan in January

Add yours

  1. You’ll get through it fine man I know it! I believe in you 🙂
    Me and Em both eat Vegan diets and are constantly active – so if you need any advice hit me up. All the best brother.


  2. OMG!! this is so brilliant!!
    Haha… I am also currently in search for a cult to join. Cheese sculptorers seemed pretty open minded…

    “the booze-fuelled black hole” muahaha…. great writing!


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