Iquitos, and boating around the Peruvian Amazon.

When I was a kid, I can remember always being fascinated by the Amazon jungle; so the opportunity to go there as part of my 6 month trip around South America was an absolute dream come true for me. Following a nightmare 15 hour trip down river from Colombia -in what can only be described as a massive speedboat (more on that another time) – we … Continue reading Iquitos, and boating around the Peruvian Amazon.

The 5 types of backpacker you meet in every hostel

Remember that feeling of setting foot into a new hostel for the very first time? Arriving from your previous makeshift home, backpack feeling increasingly heavy, walking through those doors and getting yourself checked in. You wobble up to the counter at reception, have a quick look around and make a very quick assessment of your new surroundings, including the people you’ll be spending the next few hours, days, … Continue reading The 5 types of backpacker you meet in every hostel

Juayua: a few days on the Ruta de las Flores

It’s a travesty that there’s a place in Central America which often gets overlooked by backpackers stamping out the usual trail down (or up) through the often forgotten Americas region. To be fair, I was never even meant to go either… until I got drunk at a rave on a desert island in Honduras, and made some friends who persuaded me it was a good idea. … Continue reading Juayua: a few days on the Ruta de las Flores

Antigua: city guide

Before you ask, I’m not talking about the small and possibly more well known Caribbean island adjacent to Barbuda & Monserrat – but the colonial city which resides in one of the more intriguing countries i’ve visited; Guatemala. Nestled across the border from Mexico, ‘Guate’ as it’s lovingly referred to by those in the know is a country which offers seemingly endless bang for it’s buck. … Continue reading Antigua: city guide

The End of the World

As we know it, or don’t perhaps. Named because of the multiple fires that local tribes lit on seeing approaching ships, ‘Tierra Del Fuego’ (or, Land of Fire) is an intriguing region steeped in history. Once home to a prison at the end of the world for Argentinian convicts, who then settled the town of Ushuaia, a key Naval base during the obviously recent Falklands … Continue reading The End of the World